Au Chateau de Villelongue

Roost and host room in a resting place

Our storie

Mélissa is the master in the art of the reception, with a smile always present. Having lived 20 years in Guadeloupe, she began her studies in France, in Poitiers, in the Faculty of Sport's Sciences, where she met François. No without forgetting her passion of sports, Mélissa formed her in well-being, preferring to be close to people, and to be able to take care of them.

François, in his part, has been formed in the restoration before venturing into this famous Faculty of Science of the sport. He will be caught up by the hotel business and the restoration. He will manage a restaurant in Moselle before discover, this magnificent territory of Limouxin, and more widely Aude.

This is why this couple, since 2017, suggests you sharing this experience in Villelongue d' Aude.

And this Castle? A ruin bought in 2016, which François tries hard to restore with thin knowledge at the beginning, but supported and helped by his family and his friends. A long story which is only begins because works are planned at least until 2023. You can follow all the adventures on the Facebook page  " Au Château de Villelongue ".