Au Chateau de Villelongue

Roost and host room in a resting place

The surroundings area

In Villelongue d'Aude's village, you can discover wines and Blanquette of Limoux in the Domain of Capdepon, visit the Ceramic pottery, or  the workshop of art "Coquelicot". And if you mind, on Thursdays and Fridays evening, meet tour neighbours around a local beer in the " Verre à soif ", warm and friendly associative coffee. On summer, you can discover "les Tréteaux", event of Sunday morning linking the musical art to the home-made market !

Limoux, in 10min, is an active and full of events city (250 days a year) :

-  The "Limoux Brass Festival" of May, music concert of brass instruments.
- The "Bulles sonores" where big artists of modern music make an appointment in October.
- "Toques et Clochers", Big event around the gastronomy and wine in April, when the thorough harvest is associated with the restoration of the churches of Limouxin.
- Les "Open Games", multisports adventure on a weekend in June, in support for the Olympic movement, and accessible to every one.
- The Longest Carnival of Europe in Limoux were strained masked followed by traditional brass bands roam and follow one another on the place of the Republic, all the weekends during 3 months, from January till March.

The territory is full of Cathare stories, starting with the city of Carcassonne, at 40min. The most famous castles can be found at around 1 hour of Montségur, Puylaurens, Peyrpertuse and Quéribus, as well as  the towers of Lastours Castle at the north of Carcassonne.

The surroundings area

A little of refreshment? The lakes of Montbel and Cavayère are in approximately at 40min. Active yourself around the Aude, and  its activities of running waters as the rafting, hydro speed or kayak.

A moment of relaxation ? Find the Thermal baths of Rennes Les Bains and its thermal natual hot water and recognized for its virtues for the osseous and articular problems.

Treat your papillae to the local markets of Mirepoix, Espéraza, Carcassonne and Limoux. You can realize tastings around the wine, Nougat Bor, chocolate of Nougalet or  taste typical dishes as the Cassoulet of Castelnaudary or Fricasseed of Limoux.

Without forgetting to visit the most beautiful villages surroundings, of which some circulade. And also the medieval historical villages and the history of Alet les Bains, Rennes le Chateau, Camon, and so many others.

Walkers, by mountain bike, cycling or insatiable sportsman, you won't miss nothing. Sites of climbing are accessible with lent topographical guides. You have lots of paths, where you can have fun in family on acrobatic courses in height.

And as the rain can intervene, you can stay under cover by visiting the museum of dinosaurs and hat shop of Espéraza, museums of the Piano, the automaton and the mask in Limoux. Either you can choose to visit the caves of the black mountain (Cabrespine, Limousis) or still the subterranean river of Labouiche, in  Ariège.

Coming to the Château de Villelongue is to be sure to rest knowing that there are thousand opportunities for entertainment !