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Au Chateau de Villelongue

Roost and host room in a resting place

The Castle

Nestled in the heart of a picturesque village in Cathar Country, Mélissa and François warmly welcome you to “Le Château” . This old seigneurial castle is located on a rocky outcrop at the centre of the village, resting on impressive vaults dating back to the 8th Century. Fully restored by the proprietors, “Le Château” offers guests a charming, restful place to stay in an atmosphere which combines modernity and authenticity. We make every effort to ensure that your stay is restful

Place of welcome

The breakfast

The view of the Castle from the sky


 Between vineyards and mountains, you are in the middle of the Cathar country, steeped in history and in the middle of activities. While being in a quiet village  and distant from the noise, you have all the necessary conveniences (hypermarkets, stores, visits, station ..) at only 10min, in Limoux. The airport of Carcassonne Salvaza is in 35min. Within a radius of 45min, you can visit the city of Carcassonne, take advantage of activities of running waters of the river of the Aude or of the lake of Montbel.

Heights of markets locavores will also be in your reach.      

Our commitment to the environment

nos valeurs avec le développement durable
All actions are important, as for your quality of stay as for our planet! We have chosen to offer you a service that combines comfort and sustainable development at a reasonable price.
• Regional and garden products : We seek to produce and offer products directly from local producers (vegetables, lamb, veal, pork, chicken, fruit juice, etc.)
• Electricity consumption: A thermodynamic water heater can considerably reduce consumption. The radiators are dry inertia heaters and all the bulbs are LED. We also prefer to provide fans rather than air conditioning. Simple actions such as opening the windows at night and closing the shutters during the day can keep your room cool in summer. Permanent ventilation allows the air to be renewed in winter. Please turn off the heating when you ventilate your room. Remember to turn off the lights and other electrical devices when you go out.
• Water consumption: The water pressure is low, but still sufficient for regular use. Be careful to not let the water run unnecessarily: it is so precious! Glass bottles are available with spring water. We avoid the purchase and use of plastic bottles. We have chosen medium towel sizes to reduce water consumption. However, it is possible to change them on demand and request larger sizes.
• Care and maintenance: It is preferable to leave the towels to dry in the rooms. All cleaning is done with natural products like baking soda and vinegar wherever possible. A touch of lavender essential oil adds something special to the cleaning process.
• Recycling: Glass, plastic, cardboard, metal, paper, green waste. Nothing is thrown away, everything is reused! Do not throw anything in the toilet that could pollute the water or block the drains.

Together, let's allow our planet to live better by reducing our consumption.